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We all handle stress a bit differently, right? How do you think our bodies differentiate between physical stress and mental stress?

This is actually sort of a trick question because in fact, our bodies don’t differentiate between the two. It turns out that our brain treats a stressful interview or exam equal to imminent danger like, say, a close encounter with a bear.

Did you know that chronic stress can turn your hair gray, cause wrinkles and also contribute to weight gain? This is because stress accelerates the aging process and limits your cells ability to repair the body. When your body is under chronic stress your body does not prioritize repairing itself, instead it is worried about removing yourself from instant danger.

As it turns out, Americans have reported being under an increased amount of stress, what do you think it contributing to American’s stress level is going up? It might be surprising to you that #1 isn’t money or job, it’s actually the future of our nation. This is different than in years past. Here are the top three reported by Americans.
#1 Fate of our nation
#2 Money
#3 Job

Now that we know what Americans are stressing about, what percentage of people in the US do you think reported lying awake at night due to stress?
– Answer: 48%

So if you talk to two people today, chances are that at least 1 of them was laying awake last night due to stress!


SOURCE: Daily Life Stress