Autistic child? Consider their spine

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Children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is rising significantly.  The diagnosis per the CDC is 1 in 68 children.  A massive increase since the year 2000, which was 6.7 per 1,000 kids.   While there is more research coming out with regard to the cause of ASD, we are focusing on behavioral challenges for children with this diagnosis.


Compared to a child without a ASD diagnosis, people on the Autism Spectrum have significantly more brain activity.  The synapses, nerve cell to nerve cell connections, are not organized on large pathways but are instead connected with many small connections.

One of the reasons autistic children have trouble learning is that they are receiving too much information to the brain. It’s also true that many children with ASD suffer from anxiety.  Another cause of anxiety can be due to abnormal nerve communication from the spine to the brain.  Abnormal nerve communication from joints in the spine are perceived in the brain as irritation.  Irritation in the brain can make day to day communication much more difficult.  Case studies of children with ASD, receiving Chiropractic care, have demonstrated improvements in eye contact, communication, mood and physical ability.

Do you think it’s true or false that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder often have less control of their posture.  This is actually true!  Poor postural control puts people with ASD at higher risk for spine and nerve problems compared to the general population.

What percentage of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder demonstrated improvement following chiropractic care for symptoms that are not pain related?


The answer here is a remarkable, 78%!

Children with Autism under Chiropractic care improved with eye contact, communication, mood and physical ability!